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Virtual Awards


Projection Mapping



Technology is one of our passions and we are always looking to use advanced display technology to ensure our clients are receiving the best the market has to offer and can really add that wow factor to their events.  


Projection Mapping 


Projection mapping, also known as video mapping, is a projection technology used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection. Stray Cat Communications will design a bespoke set of  a two- or three-dimensional screen and spatially map your event visuals onto the surface. The software can interact with a projector to fit any desired image onto the surface of that object, and combined with audio the narrative creates an incredible ambience to really connect the audience to the event. 

Virtual awards 


As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have devised a range of options for you to run virtual awards events. Please watch the video to see what can be achieved.

Curved LED


We have been using LED screens for several years now to create vibrant stage sets with ultra bright imagery that really showcases our content and brings the whole set to life.

We have recently partnered with a supplier that allows us to now off curved LED screens, bringing a whole new dimension to your event.


Social Media 


Audience participation and engagement is key to the success of your event, and  using social media technology such as Twitter, Vine, mobile fundraising is becoming standard way to achieve this. Social media is a vibrant and enticing way to get your audience fully involved in your event.